Online Coaching

This course caters to all photography enthusiasts, regardless of whether you are an amateur or professional photographer. There is something for everyone :).
The online course is suitable for anyone seeking new inspiration or looking to improve their editing skills from the comfort of their home.

With this course, you will get a glimpse behind the scenes of my “magic” and discover how I create something unique from even seemingly ordinary photos.

Online coaching

starter package 1.5 hours

During this course you will have the opportunity to see my complete photo editing process. We’ll focus on the topics that interest or challenge you the most.

od 175 EUR  140 EUR

*complete course offer is sent by e-mail

Video recording

2,5 – 3 hours

As the title suggests, this is a video recording of the complete photo editing process. I will edit 2 – 3 of your or my photos during this course.

This type of course is suitable for anyone who wants to take a more detailed look at a given photo editing session, especially in their own time, with the option to pause the course at any time, go back a step or re-watch certain parts of the editing process.

375 EUR  300 EUR

How does the course usually go?



Depending on package:

  • we will take over the theoretical foundations – how to photograph dogs, how to work with them, what to look out for when choosing a suitable environment for photography
  • we will look in detail at your work so far, discussing the strengths and weaknesses of your photos
  • we’ll talk about what can be done better, whether it’s composition, lighting conditions, or photo editing
  • and finally we will edit one or more photos together, I will take you through my entire editing process from the begging to exporting photos

    What the graduates have to say

    “As a photographer, I wanted a new look to my photography after some time. I felt like I was standing still and couldn’t get going. That’s why I decided to take an individual course with Ve Shandor Photography. I was extremely interested in her photos and wanted to know more than then.

    I’m so glad I was able to take a course with Veronika and I believe she will kick start me. I recommend by all 10 Veronika is a very kind, patient and tolerant woman. I’m glad I was able to get to know her and her family.”

    Soňa Šebelová

    ““I took an online photo editing course with this girl and I am very satisfied! The young lady has a professional approach, she is patient, she likes to explain everything and she really learns you a lot. I can only recommend :)””
    Karolína Horčičková

    “Thank you very much for everything I learned from you during this course. Seeing that you do it with your heart and I see that you want to give people more. Your tips and tricks are starting to work for me and I am incredibly happy that I chose you !!!”
    Lucia Lehocká

    “I highly recommend this best online course I have ever experienced to anyone who is thinking about it. Veronika is an amazing photographer with a lot of patience. Thank you for everything :)”
    Viktória Šterbáková

    Veronika is a very talented pet photographer and a very nice person to learn from! I took an online coaching with her, asking for a very specific type of edits and results and I’m 100% satisfied with what I learned.

    Anne-Laurie Léger

    Frequently asked questions


    • Video recording of the online course + 70 €
    • PSD file from photo editing + 100 €
    • Additive photo editing outside the package + 70 €
    • Photography theory (+30 min) + 50 €
    • Evaluation of your current portfolio + 50 €

    What medium is the course running through?

    We can connect via Skype, Zoom or Discord.

    How and when is it best to sign up for a course?

    Ideally, as soon as possible, because we need to schedule a conforming date. Waiting period for the convenient date is usually 1 month or longer.

    When it is to be paid?

    To secure the date you need to pay the full price in advance.

    Is it possible to complete the course during the week?

    Of course. Waiting for the free weekend dates is generally little longer. Therefore, if you are able to take the course during the week, it is only an advantage :).

    Is it possible to edit my own photo?

    Sure we can 🙂 All I would need is a raw file (20MB and more) of your photo.

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